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Trade + Prosper has partnered with a UK based entrepreneurship coaching organization, MOVE UK to create a program of learning resources specifically designed for creative entrepreneurs.

What Is in It for You?
We know how busy you are, so our workbooks are short, snappy and to the point. The foundation stones of business will be found as you go from one module to the next. They will take you on a journey of self-reflection and business acumen. Ultimately, you will have more clarity on where you stand in your business and the changes you need to make to reach your goals.

Module 1 - Key Takeaways:
  • Seven workbooks
  • Each workbook takes around 1 to 2 hours to complete

  • Learn about the different stages a business goes through

  • Identify where you are and where you want to be

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"It  helped me understand what I really wanted from my business and what was needed to do to achieve it.
 Putting this into context - I set a target in May 2021, that by May 2022, my company would be turning over $13,000 per month. We achieved this within six months, and fast forward to the end of 2022 - our monthly revenue will be over $55,000 per month, meaning that our yearly revenue with retainers would be around $700,000. Although I’ve always been ambitious, I have struggled to channel this, and the workbooks helped me focus and build better processes to increase sales."

Liam - Tech Company



"The workbooks made me pause and think of everything  that was in my circle of control. I got clarity about my goals and core values and I got a better understanding of what I needed to change to move forward. It meant every time I came to any decision, I went back to my core values which made decisions easier to make. Did it align with my values? Did it provide energy? Did it help me grow?"

Sarah - Cosmetic Business


"The knowledge contained in these workbooks forced me to act, review, and re-strategize; meaning I’m continuously learning not only about how best to run my business, but also how I as an individual can get the most out of myself. Since utilizing them, my business has become more profitable, my client list has grown, I’m in better health physically and emotionally, and it’s because I learned how to keep myself accountable in the right way."

TommyMarketing Company


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