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Welcome to Trade + Prosper; Introducing Our Podcast Channel

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Welcome to Trade + Prosper

We believe in the makers. Those that are committed to using their skills to create a better place for us all. The ones that believe a little sweat and a lot of sharing can turn a community into a populace of prosperity.

Trade + Prosper is a forum where these like-minded individuals meet to trade ideas, information, goods and services, as well as build long-lasting relationships that enable them to expand their reach both locally and globally.

We have recently launched our first season of The Makers Podcast, with our very first episode featuring James Anthony, the founder of the nomadic Phoenicia Flea and Mojave Flea. The inception of these unique, curated, boutique markets began in the small upstate town of Phoenicia, New York in 2014.

James Anthony Founder of Phoenicia Flea and Mojave Flea

Anthony, a Los Angeles native, had always surrounded himself with creative people and saw a niche in the market to create destination shopping events that provide a “beautiful environment and experiential marketing moment” for both the vendors and the shoppers. These markets are much more than a pop-up shop and more unique than a brick and mortar retail location.

There is no formal application to join the market - Anthony just knows by looking at their websites and social media if they are the right fit. He knows his customers and has “developed a reputation and taste level that’s appropriate for them and the event.” Once a maker is approved, they have an open invitation to any event, no matter where it is held.

The makers that thrive within this business model are people that have “true self-expression, original ideas, and connection with people”. Anthony feels that the maker movement is a throwback to a simpler time that people are craving in this digital age. “It’s a reaction and resistance against disposable living. It’s how the planet will survive.”

Follow Trade + Prosper on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to learn more about local products made in New York and the surrounding areas, as well as get up to date info on the best flea markets, maker events, farmers markets and more.

Listen to episode 1 here.

Also find us on Apple Podcasts & Spotify: Trade and Prosper.

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