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This page is dedicated to TRADE + PROSPER members, their businesses and their stories. 


We are walking around the community as we speak, introducing ourselves, and inviting you to join us in this new platform.

Memberships are free for the first 2 years.


Please contact us with questions. We want to hear from you.



  • TRADE + PROSPER Branding support – recognition as a T + P member in all T + P marketing materials – Website, Facebook page, Events listings, dedicated T + P APP*, etc. T + P will create an official certificate for your business, registering your collaboration to our local community and to our platform.


  • TRADE + PROSPER will include your business on the list of partners published on the back of our Local T + P Newspaper, to be printed and distributed throughout Brooklyn, bimonthly.


  • TRADE + PROSPER will host two community focused, full day events per year, including a bazaar with pop-up shops of local products available for trade and sale.


  • TRADE + PROSPER will select one member brand/product per day to be highlighted on @tradeandprosper Instagram account. 


  • TRADE + PROSPER might chose to feature the story of your business and its participation in the community, on our website blog, newspaper or Facebook page.


  • The TRADE + PROSPER TRIBE Award will select two businesses per year – Spring and Harvest - as the highlight of the community for the season.

  • TRADE + PROSPER will organize monthly events at different local establishments, driving more customers to your business and helping you to build relationships with them.

  • TRADE + PROSPER will identify common needs from our local businesses and provide access to experts and tools to help you prosper – from Marketing and Social Media to Production and Operations.


  • TRADE + PROSPER will provide our members with a TRADE platform, and facilitate the exchange of goods and services throughout the community. Let us know what do you need more of, and what do you have to leverage for that need.


  • TRADE + PROSPER will provide members with an eCommerce platform where they can list their businesses, products and services available for sale. T + P will market this eCommerce platform highlighting brands and products within it, on an ongoing basis.


  • TRADE + PROSPER will soon expand to other markets in the US and the internationally, providing our members with collaboration opportunities within other eCommerce platforms, owned by T + P or by other organizations with similar DNA to ours.

Thanks! Message sent.


© 2017 by TRADE + PROSPER

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