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The TRADE + PROSPER mobile application enables businesses to discover and connect with like-minded businesses to foster mutually beneficial relationships.


An intuitive system of labeling businesses' Wants & Haves promotes increases the likelihood of connecting with other businesses that can genuinely help out with current pain points.

Whether the goal is to learn about other businesses' struggles, engage with their solutions, or grow a collaborative network, TRADE + PROSPER is here to help make those important connections happen.



We all know the importance of collaboration in growing a successful, sustainable business. Online connection only goes so far, which is why TRADE + PROSPER takes the connection further by promoting engagement with local businesses to foster collaboration.


Business profiles detail their offerings and highlight opportunities for collaboration. Based on these opportunities, TRADE + PROSPER will intelligently match you with businesses best suited for a collaborative relationship with your specific business.


To support the goal of collaboration, TRADE + PROSPER creates and curates content tailored to local, growing businesses. Similarly, TRADE + PROSPER promotes and attends events relating to local businesses.



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