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Welcome to the PROSPER side of our business, where we list your goods and products available for sale. Each product listed comes with a story, that will give your brand a global voice. In order to market your brand, we will feature member products on our social channels, driving traffic to your own website and/or to shop at Our bi-annual community event will provide our members with kiosks to display their products available for purchase. The event will also showcase speakers sharing ideas and business tools to help our local businesses to continue to prosper.

Monthly PROSPER HELP events will feature digital partner representatives to teach the community about new digital tools to better operations, marketing and production of goods. Brand partners and sponsors of TRADE + PROSPER will also add financial help to the community, offsetting costs for digital tools' subscriptions, banking help, transportation and event costs. We will select different charities to benefit from each of our events, and limited edition sales, including a percentage of TRADE + PROSPER merchandising sales.

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